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Chester Heart Support Group (CHSG) is a Registered Charity - No. 1123789 and exists to benefit cardiac patients, their families, friends and carers. 

In the course of its operation it has collected and continues to collect information about its members. Primarily this information is for the purpose of communication of activities events and welfare functions and is of the nature of personal contact details and in some cases, medical details. It is therefore clearly incumbent upon CHSG to have systems in place which ensure the security of data which would identify members to those who have no reasonable right to such information. 

Policy Statement

CHSG will adopt clear and rigorously maintained systems which ensure the security of members' personal information. Such information will not be passed to any organisation without the express consent of the individual member. 

Data Collection

Only data provided by members to be stored by CHSG and members to be advised at the time of collection that such information is to be held on either paper or computer storage

Only the minimum essential data to be collected. 

Data to be input promptly and unnecessary paper copy properly destroyed. 

Data Storage

Data relating to members’ personal information to be held or accessed by a minimum number of Club Officers on a minimum number of computer storage devices and password protected at all times. 

A member's total data entry will be permanently deleted upon request, resignation or death. 

Data Access

A clear line of access routine be established by a nominated officer which will allow organised access and use of members information. 

Any member may be given a listing of all their information stored upon request. No external organisation or individual be given access to any person’s data without written permission of the member. 


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