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This form is to be used for Group Visits and a copy given to the responsible person


Chester Heart Support Group (CHSG) is a Registered Charity - No. 1123789 and exists to benefit cardiac patients, their families, friends and carers. 

In the course of its operation it has collected and continues to collect information about its members. Primarily this information is for the purpose of communication of activities events and welfare functions and is of the nature of personal contact details and in some cases, medical details. It is therefore clearly incumbent upon CHSG to have systems in place which ensure the security of data which would identify members to those who have no reasonable right to such information. 

Do’s and Don’t’s

  1. Do familiarise yourself and the Group with your location.

  2. Do strictly adhere to all Safety Precautions on the site,

  3. Do report ALL accidents.

  4. Do report ALL unsafe conditions.

  5. Do use all Personal Protective Equipment. If issued, and return it after use.

  6. Do take care of Person Protective Equipment and report ALL defects.

  7. Do report to Supervisor on arrival.


On Lache premises and premises under the control of Lache personnel every effort to ensure the safety of yourself and your group is applied. Neither yourself or any member of your group may carry out any of the activities listed below without permission or under direct supervision of a competent Lache employee. Where indicated you are strictly prohibited from carrying out certain activities or visiting prohibited areas covered by specific Health and Safety Legislation


  1. Do not smoke within the buildings or premises at Lache C.C.

  2. Do not bring or consume alcohol on to Lache Gym premises.

  3. Do not bring chemicals or substances to the Lache Community Gym.

  4. Do not use chemicals or substances unless approved.

  5. Ensure members of the group do not commit acts of frolicking or practical jokes.

  6. Do not tamper with fire fighting or life saving equipment.

  7. Do not operate equipment unless under strict supervision.

  8. Do not tamper with electrical equipment.

  9. Do not tamper with anything provided in the interests of Health & Safety.

The Health & Safety of your group is paramount and the Lache Community Trust wishes you all a safe and memorable visit to all its premises.

If you have any specific questions in relation to Health & Safety the Duty Manager is always willing to advise.

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