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Registered Charity 1123789

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy

v1.0 issued


Chester Heart Support Group (CHSG) is a Registered Charity - No. 1123789 and exists to benefit cardiac patients, their families, friends and carers. 


Chester Heart Support Group (CHSG) is committed to ensuring that vulnerable people engaged in its activities and/or in receipt of its services and support are safe from harm and are able to enjoy the activities and/or services provided free from fear of abuse, neglect and exploitation and that that working practices minimise the risk of such abuse. The Trustees, Volunteers, Members and Service Providers have a duty to identify abuse and report it.

Definition of ‘Vulnerable Adult’

For the purpose of this documents ‘adult’ means a person aged 18 years or over. Some adults are less able to protect themselves than others and some have difficulty making their wishes and feelings known. This may make them vulnerable to abuse.

Abuse Can Include:

  • Physical

  • Financial

  • Material

  • Sexual

  • Psychological

  • Discriminatory

  • Emotional

  • Institutional neglect

  • Exploitation


Abuse can take place in any setting, public or private, and can be perpetuated by anyone. It is a violation of an individual’s human and civil rights by any other person or persons and may consist of a single act or repeated acts which may result in harm to, or serious exploitation of the person subjected to it.

Rights & Responsibilities

Responsibilities of Chester Heart Support Group Board of Trustees is:

  • To ensure volunteers are aware of vulnerable adult’s need for protection

  • To notify the appropriate agencies if abuse is identified or suspected

  • To support, and where possible, secure the safety of individuals and ensure that all referrals to services have full information in relation to identified risk and vulnerability

  • To carry out DBS checks, as appropriate, on all volunteers who, when acting in the capacity of Chester Heart Support Group, are likely to have contact or work with vulnerable adults

  • To provide access to relevant safeguarding training in relation to vulnerable adults

  • Record information and details and review completed form

Responsibilities of Volunteers:

  • To be familiar with the safeguarding vulnerable adults policy and procedure

  • To take appropriate action in line with the procedure e.g to notify CHSG Chair

  • Complete incident form and send to CHSG Chair

  • To declare any existing or subsequent convictions


Support for those who report abuse

All those making a complaint or allegation or expressing concern, whether they are volunteers and/or members or service providers or members of the general public should be assured that:

  • They will be taken seriously

  • Their comments will usually be treated confidentially, but their concerns may be shared with the appropriate authorities if they or others are at significant risk

The Vulnerable Adult has the right:

  • To be made aware of this policy

  • To have alleged incidents recognised and taken seriously

  • To receive fair and respectful treatment throughout

  • To be involved in any process as appropriate

  • To receive information about the outcome


We are committed to reviewing this policy and procedure annually.


Chairman’s Signature: Ernie Cowel


Adopted on: 20th October 2104

To be reviewed on: October 2015

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Procedure

In the event of disclosure

All complaints, allegations or suspicions will be taken seriously. This procedure must be followed whenever an allegation of abuse is made or when there is a suspicion that a vulnerable adult has been abused. Information will be confidential unless it conflicts with the need to ensure the safety and welfare of the individual in which case the information will be

shared with the appropriate and relevant authorities.


A full record should be made as soon as possible of the nature of the allegation and any other relevant information. This should include the following:

  • the date, the time, and the place where the alleged abuse happened

  • your name and the names of others present

  • the name of the complainant and, where different, the name of the adult who has allegedly been abused

  • the nature of the alleged abuse

  • a description of any injuries observed, and

  • the account which has been given of the allegation


Responding to an allegation of abuse

1. Any suspicion, allegation or incident of abuse must be recorded, as detailed above, and as soon as is practicable, reported to the chairperson, Ernie Cowell, (Tel: 01244 327004 ) who will take responsibility for reporting the incident, by telephone, to the Adult Social Care Officer within Cheshire West and Chester’s Adult Social Services.

  • Telephone 0300 123 8 123

  • Hours: 8.30am - 5pm Monday - Thursday (4.30pm Friday).

  • Out of hours Emergency Duty Team : 01244 977277


If the person is in immediate danger, contact the emergency services, including the police and inform the chairperson immediately.

2. Where possible, consent should be obtained from the adult before sharing personal information with third parties. In some circumstances obtaining consent may be neither possible nor desirable as the safety and welfare of the vulnerable adult is the priority. The adult should, however, be assured that the matter will be disclosed only to people who need to know about it and they will be kept informed of any action taken and why.

3. A written record of the date and time of the report should be made and the report must include the name and position of the person to whom the matter is reported. The telephone report must be confirmed in writing marked ‘Confidential’ and sent as securely as possible to Adult Social Services within 24 hours.

4. All personal information regarding a vulnerable adult will be stored confidentially and all written records will be kept in a secure area for a specific time as identified in data protection guidelines.

5. Cases reported to Adult Social Services will be dealt with under the Abuse or Mistreatment of Vulnerable Adults (Information for Professionals and Checklist). If it is believed that a crime has been committed the police may be contacted and those involved may be required to make a statement, if it is deemed necessary.