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Volunteer Policy

v1.0 Issued


Chester Heart Support Group (CHSG) exists to benefit cardiac patients, their families, friends and carers. One of our aims is to provide social, physical (exercise) and rehabilitation programmes for our members, and where appropriate, initiate such programmes.


The purpose of this volunteer policy is to support this particular aim. CHSG will ensure that volunteers are properly integrated into the organisational structure and that mechanisms are in place for them to contribute to the work of the organisation. CHSG recognises that volunteers require satisfying work and personal development and will seek to help them meet these needs, as well as providing them with the training to do their work effectively.



All prospective volunteers will undergo a recruitment process which will include an informal chat with one of CHSG’s trustees. Some volunteer roles may require a CRB check. CHSG has an Equality and Diversity policy and operates non- discriminatory practices.


Role Description

Gym volunteers will be provided with a role description and will be asked to commit to a regular ‘slot’ in the gym timetable. This is not a contract and it is accepted that some flexibility may be required.


Induction and Training

All volunteers will receive an induction to CHSG. For gym volunteers, training will be provided on use of the equipment.



All volunteers will have a named person as their point of contact.


Health and Safety

Volunteers are covered by CHSG Health and Safety policy.


Volunteer Expenses

Volunteer expenses are payable when appropriate e.g. to cover travel expenses to the CHSG gym.

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